Obey the rules or get tickled to death

The first rule of TFP is:
You do not talk about TFP.

The second rule of TFP is:
You do not talk about TFP.

The third rule of TFP is:
Have fun!


A little more rules

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Help your fellow crew member
  • If you kill someone by mistake, send a message to that person and apologize
  • Please use headset with microphone, it’s so much easier during missions and never ever make fun over someone’s accent, not everyone speak English as their native language
  • No swearing in the chat, we allow occasionally cussing, but if every second word is a swear word you will be warned
  • We go by the rule “Three strikes you’re out”, which means that after three warnings you risk to be kicked from the crew. You will be able to apologize for your behavior and promise to change behavior

It doesn’t matter if you are low level or high level, we look after each other and tries to help are fellow crew members gaining both money and higher level

GTA should be fun to play and if someone attacks you and other crew members are around you should shout for help and we come to rescue

My message is clear, there’s no such thing as normal, everybodys weird